We are now accepting applications for the Felid TAG Foundational Husbandry Course and Advanced Husbandry Course from February 5-10, 2023. We will accept 35 applicants for each course who will be chosen based on preset qualifications and all will be notified of their status into the course or their place on the wait list by February

Scholarship recipients will not be notified of the award until February 15th.  Due to logistics, you will not hear back in time about your status for the scholarship prior to the online application process closing.  If you plan on attending the class regardless of receiving a scholarship, please make sure to apply for the course while the links are open. 

Please use this link for the Foundational Course 2023 Felid Tag Foundation Husbandry Course Application (

Please use this link for the Advanced Course

Foundational Husbandry Course/Advanced Safety Course: July 8-11

SSP Meetings and Icebreaker: July 11

Taxon Advisory Group Meetings, Dinner and Silent Auction: July 12-14

Please reach out if you have questions. 

Good luck applicants!


Felid TAG Course Descriptions

Scholarship Application