July 24, 2019

Welcome to Felid TAG

In 1990, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) developed a system for examining and managing the conservation and management needs of groups of related species, or taxa. These groups are called TAGs, short for Taxon Advisory Groups. Examples of some basic taxonomic groups for which AZA TAGs exist are amphibians, antelopes, penguins, and marine fish. Each TAG consists of representatives from AZA-member institutions, as well as individuals with special expertise, such as AZA Species Survival Plan (SSP) coordinators and studbook keepers.

What is the Felid TAG?

The Felid TAG is a committee of advisors with expertise in issues relating to wild cats. These advisors hold regular meetings attended by people from both AZA-member institutions and the private sector who have an interest in felids.

The mission of the Felid TAG is to bring together animal managers and scientists to:

  • further conservation of felids in the wild
  • effectively manage felids in AZA zoos throughout North America
  • support scientific research concerning felid species

The Felid TAG provides a forum for discussing husbandry, veterinary, ethical, and other issues that apply to the wild cats housed in AZA-member institutions. TAG advisors also examine animal management techniques based on scientific studies and assist SSP coordinators in developing animal care manuals to present best practices for the care and welfare of felid species. TAGs also promote cooperation and sharing of information between AZA and other regional and international conservation programs.

Who serves on the Felid TAG?

Tables listing:
Steering Committee Members
Program Leaders
Program Advisors
Institutional Representatives

Felid TAG Regional Collection Plan